75 minutes $100

Skin Care treatment enhanced with acupoint massage, aromatherapy, professional grade peel and cutting edge technology. The BT Micro Galvanic currents and LED light therapy will leave your skin feeling smooth, toned, and illuminated. This facial is ultimate in relaxation and makes a great gift or treat for yourself!

60 minutes $75

All of our skin care treatments are designed to improve your skins health and are 100% customized to your skins needs. All treatments include a double cleanse, exfoliation, extractions, masque, toner, and treatment creams. Any additional products, electrical modalities, and therapies maybe added to target your individual concerns.

  • Age-defying: Rejuv’s own Anti-Aging Facial designed to lift, tone, and hydrate.

  • Clearing: Medicated Clearing Facial designed to clear problematic, and combination skin.

  • Sensitive: Meets Sensitive Skins Needs leaves skin clam, fresh, and protected.

  • Illuminating: Targeted to help the concerns of hyper-pigmentation and color inconsistency.

45 minutes $80

The objective is to create healthy habits, and a balanced and glowing complexion. Our skin care therapists will provide you with education, on how to get consistent results. Includes deep pore cleansing, analysis, exfoliation, extractions (if needed) moisture treatment with customized technology and skin specific serums.

*Includes dermalogica clear start kit for home use to jump start cellular healing and renewal.

30 minutes $45

Get on the spot solutions with spot specific targeted treatments. Our skin experts will analyze your skin and then preform a zone-specific treatment designed to remedy your skins problem, or maintain its perfection!

30 minutes $40, Series of six - $210

Our Glycolic peel offers deep exfoliation utilizing the benefits of alpha-hydroxy acids, promoting cellular renewal. Best results are achieved with a series of six treatments spaced one week apart.

add to any facial for $15

  • Hydrating eye & lip treatment

  • Extended facial massage

  • Peppermint foot wrap

  • Exfoliating peel

  • Lower leg & foot massage

  • Aromatherapy foot soak & foot massage

  • Back exfoliation

  • Aromatherapy scalp massage

  • Hot stone foot massage

  • Hand & foot scrub